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Rust API to write eBPF programs.


redbpf-probes is part of the redbpf project. It provides an idiomatic Rust API to write programs that can be compiled to eBPF bytecode and executed by the linux in-kernel eBPF virtual machine.

This crate is expected to be used with the companion redbpf-macros crate - a collection of procedural macros used to reduce the amount of boilerplate needed to produce eBPF programs.

To streamline the process of working with eBPF programs even further, redbpf also provides cargo-bpf - a cargo subcommand to simplify creating and building eBPF programs.


This is what redbpf_probes and redbpf_macros look like in action:

use redbpf_probes::bindings::*;
use redbpf_probes::xdp::{XdpAction, XdpContext};
use redbpf_macros::{program, xdp};

program!(0xFFFFFFFE, "GPL");

pub extern "C" fn block_port_80(ctx: XdpContext) -> XdpAction {
    if let Some(transport) = ctx.transport() {
        if transport.dest() == 80 {
            return XdpAction::Drop;




Generated, low level bindings to bpf types and constants.


eBPF maps.


XDP (eXpress Data Path).